The Haslemere Beer Festival was started in 2007 by Simon Labrow & Richard Oldham. 

Simon had the financial expertise and local contacts to organise the festival, whilst Richard, as manager of Haslemere Hall, had the facilities to offer the location for a large number of people needed to make the event a success.

It was decided to organise a beer festival to primarily promote local independent breweries and raise money for charity.

They then brought in fellow local Jason Seldon as cellar man, to draw on his experience of beer conditioning, cask ales & running of a beer festival.

This was followed by Mike Upjohn our music Manager, Guy Davenport  in charge of catering and of course, Jules Seldon and her team of volunteers. We also  mustn’t forget our fabulous sponsors and supporters.

Each year, we pick some charities to support from funds raised.

The event has become an annual affair, and it is now firmly ensconced in the Haslemere community calendar.

2015, our 9th year was a great success but also sad as we said goodbye to joint founder Richard Oldham.

As newly appointed Haslemere Hall manager all those years ago, he had the foresight to see that Simon Labrow’s suggestion of a Beer Festival would elevate the halls image from just an amateur dramatics venue and draw in a brand new crowd to the hall, helping to promote it as a resource for the whole community.

Richard and his lovely wife Viv are starting a new chapter of their life in Turkey and we all wish them well.

Fortunately the new Haslemere Hall manager Howard Bicknell brings bags of enthusiasm and creativity to continue the tradition of the Haslemere Beer Festival for years to come.

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