The Drinks List

The Beers

We will publish our beer list prior to the festival. We normally have around 30 cask ales plus keg beers and lagers.

You will be able to download the list and plan what to try in advance if you wish. We serve our beers in half or full pints in a pint glass.

The Cider

We combine old and new styles of cider. Recently fruit ciders have been particularly popular, but we still cater for traditionalists too.

Sometimes we include something a bit different to get people talking!

The Spirits

We started serving gin initially for our non beer and cider drinkers, but now rum and vodka are also popular.

We tend to look more internationally for some of our spirits, but stock some locals too.

Talk to us

If you have any suggestions for future beers or ciders that you would like us to feature, especially if they are from Surrey, Hampshire or Sussex, let us know. We can’t promise anything but aim to offer an exciting range of drinks to suit all tastes.